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Who is Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers? Criminal history, judgments, lawsuits, biography, family history - by Mary Cummins

Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers, Frederick Lee Figgers, Florida, criminal history, biography, history, lies, past, family, ancestry
Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers, Figgers Communications, image used under Fair Use Act


(Mugshot is below) When I first read the story about Freddie Lee Figgers last night it sounded unbelievable. That's why I decided to do some research. Based on what I've seen so far Freddie seems to be a "fake it til you make it" type of person whom I don't think has ever really made it. He spins all these tales to try to get people to invest in his businesses. So far I don't see any business success. He's always raising money for a start up or idea that never makes it. When it fails he has one excuse after another. He states he's the youngest person with an FCC license when he doesn't even have one. There are plenty of great black role models out there. There is no reason to promote this con man to the black community. Figgers has been using this support by well known black people to rip off the black community which is shameful.

Let's start with what we know. Freddie Lee Figgers was born September 27, 1989 09/27/1989 in Quincy, Florida per his criminal warrant, arrest records and criminal rap sheet. He's lived in Leon, Broward, Muskogen and Gadsden counties in Florida. He was raised by Nathan Figgers 11/30/1932 to 01/10/2014 Florida and Betty Mae Reed 11/25/1937. He stated he got a Bachelor degree in software engineering from Florida Atlantic University, July 28, 2013, Tallahassee Democrat article and his resume below. Out of the other side of his mouth six years later he said he never went to college, Washington Post, 2019 article. Later he said he started at FAU but dropped out. He originally stated he started his telecommunications company in 2009. Later he said he started it in 2014 with the money from the "shoe phone" after his father died. Why didn't WaPo do some research on this person? He is a story teller. 

Below is his family tree. I realize he said he's adopted. We'll get to that. 

Freddie Lee Figgers, Freddie Figgers, family tree, biography

This is his criminal history so far. I only searched two counties so far. Two violent assaults and one involved him stabbing a guy in the artery.

Freddie Lee Figgers, Gadsden County, Florida, Sheriff Office. February 17, 2014 battery and criminal mischief. 

Broward County criminal record. Freddie Lee Figgers. Broward County Case Number: 15008691CF10AState Reporting Number: 062015CF008691A88810Court Type: FelonyCase Type: 2nd Degree Felony. Filing Date: 07/07/2015Case Status: DisposedCourt Location: Central CourthouseJudge ID / Name: Merrigan - FE, Edward H, Jr.`Magistrate Id / Name: N/ABCCN: 0858793

From his arrest for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon arrested 10/31/2015 in Broward County, Florida:

Gender: Male  Race: Black Complexion: Light Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Eye: Brown Hair: Black DOB: 09/27/1989 Birth City: Quincy, Birth State: FL (F2)784.045(1)(a)2-Aggrav Battery w/Deadly Weapon

He stabbed a man in the artery with a knife. He is listed as the ex boyfriend of Natlie Germain. She is currently his wife. Here is the affidavit and his mugshot. Why didn't any journalist investigate this story? The affidavit says Freddie Figgers tried to stab a man but missed. He tried to stab him again and stabbed him in the artery in the arm. Then Freddie got in the car and the guy he stabbed thought he was going to be hit with the car. Then Freddie ran away. There was a warrant then they arrested Freddie. His wife Natalie German Figger stated Freddie stabbed the guy with a knife to the police. Later Freddie says he was at a Denny's and not at the apartment. He then filed a motion to quash her subpoena so she couldn't appear. Looks like he got his then ex girlfriend and now wife to retract her statement that he stabbed a guy. What a story teller. They're both liars. I have the entire file. I'll post more later. 

Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers, mugshot, criminal, felony, assault with a deadly weapon
Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers, mugshot, criminal, felony, assault with a deadly weapon

Freddie Lee Fidders Freddie Fidders mugshot
Freddie Figgers, Freddie Lee Figgers, mugshot, criminal, felony, assault with a deadly weapon

Leon county criminal record. Only traffic offenses. Operating car without a license. 



1 2019-TR-057976-A-O STATE OF FLORIDA vs. FIGGERS, FREDDIE LEE Civil Traffic Infraction Closed 09/27/1989 98 Hearing Officer 05/03/2019

2 2016-TR-078561-A-O STATE OF FLORIDA vs. FIGGERS, FREDDIE LEE Civil Traffic Infraction Closed 09/27/1989 98 Hearing Officer 06/17/2016

Figgers Communications $370 due sent to collections Red Light Camera Violation

Date Filed: 01/15/2019 nCurrent Statute: (0)316.075(1)(C)(1)vFiling Agency: Broward Sheriff Office

Original Statute: (0)316.075(1)(C)(1)-Red Light Camera Violation Citation Number: AB3F90E

Vehicle Information License Number: IZGB96 License State: FL Year: 2016 Model: FORD

Natlie Germain Figger stated she was a lawyer. She passed the bar June 2018 and is a one person firm. She stated prior to that she was the CEO of Figgers Wireless.  

Below are her legal cases. I only searched Broward county.


State of Florida Vs Germain-Figgers, Natlie Traffic Infractions 03-29-2018 Disposed ANONYMOUS


Marcus Chiropractic Center Inc Plaintiff vs. Progressive Select Insurance Company Defendant * PIP Small Claims + - PIP Claims </=$100 07-10-2018 Disposed ANONYMOUS


Natlie Figgers Plaintiff vs. Kumar I LLC, et al Defendant * Small Claims + - Damages > $500 - $2,500 09-11-2018 Disposed ANONYMOUS


Natalie Figgers Plaintiff vs. Nito Global LLC, et al Defendant * SC Damages > $500 - $2,500 03-17-2021 Pending ANONYMOUS

I tried to verify the abandoned as a newborn baby story. I searched newspapers and so far haven't seen a newborn baby boy abandoned around that time, i.e. within six months of his birth in that area. Figgers stated he was "adopted at two days old." Later he says he was abandoned at three months. Another time he was adopted at two months. Adoption takes years. It can't be done in days. You would see evidence of adoption in family court records. I don't see anything. I'm starting to think the baby was the child of someone in the family or someone very close. He's 5'9". His father is 5'6". His brother is 5'7". They're all short. This is even if he was abandoned as a baby. That's his story so far. I did notice that in a 1991 obituary for Michael Tyrone Figgers Freddie was not mentioned though his sister born in 1982 was mentioned. Why wasn't Freddie mentioned? Was he not a part of the family at the time? He was born two years earlier and allegedly adopted soon after birth. 

Michael Tyrone Figgers a "brother" of Freddie was shot and killed by a gas station worker in 1991. The family got a settlement. The person who shot him claimed it was self defense and was never charged though he did stay in jail a few weeks. Many members of the family have criminal histories. If they are foster children who came from tough lives I can understand. 

I see no evidence that Nathan Figgers fostered children. I do see evidence that Nathan's son Cornelius fostered children in 2003 in Florida. His wife Latisha Hutley worked with the Gadsden County Foster Care Association. She is a teacher and on the school board.

On top of this Figgers used to breed purebred pitbulls for sale. 

Patents: I searched the main patent office. Freddie Figgers doesn't own or have any patents. I see some applications in another site. Anyone can apply for a patent even for a nonsense product. I see some applications that were abandoned for a motorcycle helmet, cell phone, hologram projector. Abandoned patents mean they're worthless. One patent for a modem base is pending. It looks like a ten year old device. He seems to apply for patents for products which already existed when he made the applications.

Figgers stated he invented a shoe with a two way communication and GPS tracking system for his father with Alzheimers. He allegedly sold the rights for $2.4M in 2014 to "an undisclosed company in Kansas," Washington Post. Undisclosed as in doesn't exist? Then why does he have judgments? Later he said they use his phone shoe in a hospital. 

Figgers allegedly developed a glucometer that transmits the readings to other people. Where is it? If it's so amazing, why not patent and sell it? Maybe it doesn't exist. Found what he is calling "his" glucometer. It's someone else's glucometer. He didn't invent a glucometer or patent a system. He just has a four year old app which is free. The free app records the readings and can share it. This is common and free with all recent glucometers of the same price. The app actually looks like a copy of someone else's app. I think he just bought the meters and had his logo put on them. He is selling testing strips for more than most places. He's actually making money off diabetics while he again states he's doing it for free under his "people over profits" program. 

Figgers stated he invented a phone that disables text when the person is driving. That function has existed in other phones for many years. 

Figgers himself posted this article which I saved. Previously he said his father gave him a broken computer from Goodwill but he fixed it. This article states he didn't fix. He broke it then his father returned it broken.

Figgers Telecommunications aka D & F Communications: It appears to have never gotten off the ground and is busted. The story is there were too many regulations. The phone system is heavily regulated. No one should expect to just put up a tower and start a business. Here is an article about that failure from Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, Florida August 14, 2016 written by his ex business partner. The idea first went public in 2013 with Figger's business partner DeVoe Moore per the Tallahassee Democrat article. It was never going to be free as Figger later stated. They wanted to make money. Figger met DeVoe when he went to DeVoe's property to work on his internet as a technician. Figgers later changed the name. 

Figgers Telecommunications was sued in 2019 Taylor Patchen v. Figgers Communication, Inc.. Cause: 47:0227 Violation of Telephone Consumer Protection Act 8:19-cv-02097-JLS-JDE. Looks like Fidders was spamming people. "To promote its services, Defendant engages in aggressive unsolicited telemarketing, harming thousands of consumers nationwide in the process." The Plaintiff ultimately dismissed the case so I'm sure he got a settlement. Figgers replied with a Motion to Dismiss which they lost because it wasn't filed properly.

February 2021 Figgers now does a kickstarter to raise funds for his for profit telecommunications company which he said he started in 2009. He said the funds are so poor people can get free internet service. There is no free internet service. He said he'll give a hotspot and only three months of 4G service. They have to pay after that. This is February 2021. We're at 5G now. Figgers states he is the only black owned telecommunications company in the nation. He's not even really a telecommunications company. He resells other people's cell phone, wifi hotspot devices and cell phone service from t-mobile. 

Turns out he's lying about giving free internet service to people. The city is paying for it. So he begs for donations then actually sells the units to the city for profit. Not only that but the hotspot device they are selling is a rebranded cheap device made in China. He claims it's made in USA. They same model at Walmart sells for $30. And the city will lease one for over $30 a month? Figgers just increases the price of the hotspot to make money then slaps his name on it. Oddly enough their website says it's out of stock.

Below is the Figgers unit and the one Walmart sells for a profit at $30. It's actually a TianJie 4G Lte Pocket Wifi Router Car Mobile Wifi Hotspot Wireless Broadband Mifi Unlocked Modem Router 4G With Sim Card Slot. It retails for $20-27. It's considered cheap low tech. Freddie Figgers has no shame ripping off the City and its poor citizens. Disgusting. Shameful. Revolting.

Figgers was trying to contract with the city. There were problems verifying that the hot spots had actually been delivered to people. The city is paying for the hotspots. In a press release Figgers said he was donating it to the residents. Another lie as he's being paid. City sent them a cease letter. This article and this article explain it better. 

This gets worse. The city wanted the address of the warehouse so they could verify the product. The warehouse is allegedly in Durall, Doral? It may not even be his warehouse. Figgers said they couldn't give the address of the warehouse because he has a restraining order on someone who threatened to kill him. The order is allegedly in Gadsden county. I searched and couldn't find one. They don't want that person to have the address. If there is a warehouse, I bet it's empty. Another story. Doral is in Miami-Dade County. 

I'm starting to think the units don't exist because they are trying so hard to hide them. One person from Figgers brought up discrimination when the city asked for verification of the units. It's a $900,000 contract. Now it's $1,700,000. Originally Figgers said it was for 45,000 units but it's for 25,000. The newspaper corrected Figgers stating Figgers gave them the wrong number. It sounds to me like the city is basically paying to give Figgers customers. They have to pay eventually. The city is just leasing the units. 

2017 Figgers offered ten $1,000 scholarships for high school graduates in certain counties in Florida. Does anyone know if anyone ever got the money? I see no followup. The scholarship page is gone from his website www.freddiefiggers.com/scholarship

Figgers started the Figgers Foundation in 2020. It has no tax returns, assets, expenditures or income. EIN 83-2013108. He started an earlier one in 2018 with almost no information at all. He is the only person involved. In 2019 it was reinstated adding his wife who is an attorney. 

March 2021 Figgers now states he's the youngest black person to own a telecommunications company. He offers another scholarship through the Figgers Foundation. He stated he is the youngest person and only Black person with an FCC license. He doesn't have one. His 2014 application was dismissed because he never followed through with it. This will open a pdf file from FCC. It's his dismissal letter. Here is his 2014 application again in pdf. The stories about not getting the tower permitted by the city now sound like a lie.

Figgers stated he "made his own smart phone." He didn't. It's someone else's phone with his name on it. Figgers claims certain specs and components which are not in the phone. I'm sure Figgers earbuds are the same, just some crap from China.

"The Figgers F3 is a better smartphone specs wise compared to the F1 and F2. However, my research reveals that many are quite unhappy with the specs that Figgers Communications™ have declared, casting doubts on it. Others are reporting that it is essentially an Oukitel C1. I must admit they look extremely similar in design."

On top of this it appears Figgers paid people, influencers to promote his phone on social media. There are some who outed Figgers poorly made phone.  Figgers Wireless then threatened to sue or did sue them for outing the phone scam. Flossy Carter stated Freddie Figgers lied to him about the phone specs. It's allegedly a 2016 phone sold in 2019 for top of the line prices. Figgers scammed a lot of people. He intentionally becomes friends with celebs then uses those contacts to push his iffy products. One of those celebs is Jeezy a rap person. 

The F3 Figgers phone is just a rebranded Oukitel phone which he sold for $600. He's making over 2x profit selling, rebranding someone else's phone. Figgers states it's made in the USA when it's made in China just like with the hotspots. 

Video about Figgers scamming people with his phone. Author says he scams his own people. I agree. Figgers got a lot of influential black people to promote him and his business saying he's helping poor black people. He's actually ripping them off. Turns out the home he says is his home on promo videos is an Air BnB he rented for the shoot.

Here's another great video about the phone scam. She says Figgers rebranded the Oukitel phone and sold it for over 2x the price. The Oukitel sells for $170 and the F3 sold for $600. Figgers then lied about the specs and where it was made.

Another great YouTube review of this scammer. This person states it clearly. Figgers is a black person taking advantage of black people to make money. 


Another honest review of this scammer. 


And of course "his" wireless service is just rebranded t-mobile. Here is Figgers Wireless phone service map. It's from t-mobile! He's reselling t-mobile service to people for a profit. Just use t-mobile and you can save money. 

Corporations. He's started many corporation and most aren't active. I searched here only for Florida. Below are a few.

FIGGERS COMMUNICATIONS Figgers Communications. His check for $72 bounced so it was cancelled. A $72 check cancelled! 




FIGGERS WIRELESS Started 2012, suspended, restarted 2021. 

Judgments: Below are some judgments only from Gadsden County, Florida. I will be posting the rest later for himself and his businesses.



#781 1454 1 130008101 11/8/2013 FINAL JUDGMENT 13000408SCA COUNTY COURT



#784 204 1 140000330 1/14/2014 FINAL JUDGMENT 13000408SCA COUNTY COURT



#808 98 1 150007454 9/21/2015 FINAL JUDGMENT 15-005649-SC NORTH PINELLAS COUNTY



#844 1332 1 180001869 3/14/2018 FINAL JUDGMENT 15-005649-SC NORTH PINELLAS COUNTY COURT



#847 728 1 180003539 5/14/2018 SATISFACTION OF JUDGMENT 15-005649-SC NORTH PINELLAS COUNTY COURT INSTRUMENT 150007454



#734 503 1 100006306 7/22/2010 FINAL JUDGMENT 10000308SCA COUNTY COURT



#734 1093 1 100006546 8/2/2010 FINAL JUDGMENT 10000308SCA COUNTY COURT - FINAL JUDGMENT

Figgers stated he owns trademarks. Most are dead.




4 88454687 6108999 F3 TSDR LIVE


Below are two of his resumes. He stated he graduated from University with the degree in software engineering. I actually don't see him graduating from high school. He allegedly speaks German and Japanese. Could someone please quiz him next time they see him?

RESUME 1: "CEO, Software Engineer at FCI, FigTeckit, Software Engineer at FigTeckit, Ceo, Software Engineer at FCI

Location:Tallahassee, Florida Area

Industry:Computer Software

Work history:

FCI, FigTeckit

CEO, Software Engineer


Software Engineersince Jun 2010


Ceo, Software Engineersince Feb 2005


Florida Atlantic University

Skills:net, active server pages, ado, adobe acrobat, adobe photoshop, adsl, apache webserver, api, asp, atl, atm, backup, basic, bay networks, bgp, c, c + +, cd, cgi, charts, cisco, citrix, cold fusion,..."

RESUME 2: Chief Software architect at FigTeckit

Freddie Figgers Chief Software architect at FigTeckit

Position:Chief Software architect at FigTeckit, Ceo, Software Engineer at FCI, FigTeckit, Software Engineer at FCI, Communications/Technical Assistance at Computer Admin, Computer Technician Web Application Senior Software Developer Network Data Administrator at Computer Administrator

Location:Tallahassee, Florida Area

Industry:Computer Software

Work history:


Chief Software architectsince May 2007

FCI, FigTeckit

Ceo, Software Engineersince Feb 2005


Software Engineersince Apr 2004

Computer Admin

Communications/Technical Assistancesince Apr 2003

Computer Administrator

Computer Technician Web Application Senior Software Developer Network Data Administratorsince Feb 2003


Network DeveloperFeb 2004 - Feb 2010


Computer Technician Network Database Administrator Web Application DeveloperMar 2003 - Mar 2005


Computer Technician Database Administrator Web Application DeveloperJan 2003 - Mar 2003

Big Bend

Computer Technician Senior Application DeveloperOct 2002 - Jan 2003


Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering

Languages:Japanese, German

Certifications:Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Microsoft

3Com, 3Com Certifications

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I), Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II)

CompTia, Linux+

Enterasys Systems Engineer (ESE), Enterasys Security Systems Engineer-IPS/SIEM (ESSE-IPS/SIEM)

Information Security Management Certified, Professional Information Security Auditing Certified

Cryptography Specialist, UNIX Security Specialist

Linux Security Specialist, Windows Security Specialist

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 1 (LPIC1), Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 2 (LPIC2)

NetQOS, Level I: Network Performance Technologies

Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS), Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP), Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)

Planet 3 Wireless, Certified Wireless Network Trainer (CWNT)

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA), Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)

Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS), Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS)

Red Hat Software, JBoss Certified Applications Administrator (JBCAA)

Level 1 - Linux Certified Administrator, Level 2 - Linux Certified Engineer

Certified System Administrator (CSA), Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE)

Zend, Zend PHP 5 Certification"

This is my research and personal opinion. Use this information to come to your own conclusion about Freddie Figgers. I personally believe he is a liar and a con man.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,

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