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Who was Stephen Paddock, ancestry, family tree, relatives, wife, children - Mary Cummins investigative reporter

Stephen Paddock, Stephen Craig Paddock, family tree, ancestry, brothers, mother, father Mary Cummins Los Angeles California Bruce Patrick Eric Irene Hudson, Benjamin Hodskins Paddock, Dolores Irene Hudson, 


UPDATE 10/26/2017 To the person who requested the birth records of Stephen's mother, here you go. It's her baptism records.

Dolores Irene Hudson baptism record

Dolores Irene Hudson baptism record
Below is her fact sheet. You see her birth date multiple times.


10/25/2017 Bruce Douglas Paddock was just arrested. He's here in LA County. He was arrested and booked today.

Booking No.: 5137380       Last Name: PADDOCK       First Name: BRUCE       Middle Name: DOUGLAS

Sex: M       Race: W       Date Of Birth: 01/20/1959       Age: 58       Hair: BLN       Eyes: BLU       Height: 603       Weight: 240

Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Arrest Date: 10/25/2017       Arrest Time: 0800       Arrest Agency: 4237       Agency Description: LAPD-JUVENILE DIVISION

Date Booked: 10/25/2017       Time Booked: 1035       Booking Location: 4273       Location Description: LAPD - JAIL DIVISION

Total Bail Amount: 60,000.00       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: 60,000.00

Housing Location: IRC

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 10/25/2017       Assigned Time: 1309       Visitor Status: N

Address: 450 BAUCHET STREET       City: LOS ANGELES

Public Visiting Guidelines

For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.

Next Court Code: M30       Next Court Date: 10/26/2017       Next Court Time: 0830       Next Court Case: BA46217901

Court Address: 210 W. TEMPLE STREET       Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT

No Information On Release Date.

Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent. Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
BA******** 60,000.00 .00 10/26/2017 0
Click on specific Case No. for detailed information.


New family tree added below going back a few more generations. Stephen Paddock is a descendant of Aaron Paddock who was a descendant to William Brewster a pilgrim from the Mayflower. This is official as of 2009. You can't get more "American" than that. One of the first wave of people to the new land.

Below is the pedigree view of the family tree of Stephen Craig Paddock to his great grandparents. Stephen was born in Iowa to Benjamin Hoskins Paddock Jr b. November 1, 1926 and Dolores Irene Hudson b. January 10, 1928. Stephen is the oldest of four brothers. His other brothers are Patrick, Bruce and Eric Hudson Paddock who were born in Tucson, Arizona at the Tucson General Hospital per Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona. The family home was 1514 Woodland where they lived until 1960 when Benjamin the father was arrested and Dolores Irene moved to California. Dolores also went by "Dee." I found this via newspapers.com. Some of the stories the sons tell aren't correct. They're not lying. They were just kids at the time and their mother lied to them about their father.

Stephen Paddock's paternal grandparents were Benjamin Hoskins Paddock Sr 1881-1958 and Olga Emelia Elizabeth Gunderson 1888-1969. Stephen's maternal grandparents were Ralph Rolland Hudson 1893-1969 and Elsie Marie Tausch b. 1893- Feb 14, 1945. Stephen Paddock's family is of German and English descent.

Stephen was born April 9, 1953 someone said in Iowa but records show maybe Illinois. His brother Patrick Benjamin Paddock "II" was born September 14, 1957 in Tucson, Arizona. He's not really a "II" as his father's name was Benjamin. Brother Bruce born January 20, 1959, Tucson, Arizona. Eric Hudson Paddock born March 29, 1960, Tucson, Arizona. Eric said he was born on the run but he wasn't. For some reason Patrick doesn't use his real birth day. Only Stephen and Eric use their real birth dates.

Stephen grew up in Southern California. Stephen married Sharon K Brunoehler and Peggy R Okamoto while in California. He divorced in California. His current girlfriend at the time of his death was Marilou Danley. I listed her as a wife even though she is not just to keep things organized.

Stephen Paddock, Stephen Craig Paddock, family tree, ancestry, brothers, mother, father Mary Cummins Los Angeles California Bruce Patrick Eric Irene Hudson, Benjamin Hodskins Paddock, Dolores Irene Hudson,
Benjamin Paddock on the left, Stephen Paddoc on the right. Same eyes, nose, mouth, height. Stephen Paddock, Stephen Craig Paddock, family tree, ancestry, brothers, mother, father Mary Cummins Los Angeles California Bruce Patrick Eric Irene Hudson, Benjamin Hodskins Paddock, Dolores Irene Hudson,

Below is the family tree another generation back. Stephen Paddock's family are from Germany and Norway. The Paddock family basically made Sauk, Wisconsin. They came here as farmers then had saw mills and were boat captains moving wood. There is a lot written about the family in newspapers.com and history books. They were Lutheran. Stephen's grandparents were religious but not his father or mother. Aside from Stephen and his father Benjamin they were basically successful, regular people who even worked in government.

Stephen Paddock, Stephen Craig Paddock, family tree, ancestry, brothers, mother, father Mary Cummins Los Angeles California Bruce Patrick Eric Irene Hudson, Benjamin Hodskins Paddock, Dolores Irene Hudson,
Below was written by another. Thanks for the info.

"I agree with you that he was as  American as apple pie.
   As you note, his 10th-great-grandfather was William Brewster, of Mayflower fame

   His 9th-great-grandfather was Gov. Thomas Hooker, founder of Connecticut
   Another 9th-great-grandfather was Rev John Wilson, one of the Puritan elite, sailed with Gov. John Winthrop and became the first pastor of the First Church of Boston (1632-1667).
  An 8th-great-grandfather was Rev Roger Newton, also of the Puritan elite, who married Mary Hooker, daughter of Gov Thomas Hooker
 Yet another 8th-great-grandfather was Robert Taft; this makes Paddock a 5th cousin, twice removed, of President William Howard Taft (see attached relationship chart)

In addition to his deep New England roots, some of his ancestors were Dutch pioneers in New Amsterdam, including the Wynkoop, DeVos and Schoonmaker families. (see attached pedigree)

You also note that the Paddocks were founders of Baraboo, Sauk county, Wisconsin. Stephen's paternal grandmother, Olga Emelia Elizabeth Gunderson, was of Swedish descent. Her father was Captain Gustav Gunderson.

Which brings us to Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Jr - Olga's son and Stephen's father. He was a Seaman 2nd class in the Navy during World War II, and is buried in Fort Gibson National Cemetery in Muskogee county, Oklahoma.

A phenomenon that we know as "third-country kids" (TCK) is shared by many of us who are children of the military, missionaries, diplomats and expat businessmen. There is a sense of rootlessness, of not belonging, that can be seen in Stephen Paddock's life. Combine that with the psychopathic streak from his father, and you get a vengeful outsider."

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  1. He was also a mayflower decendant on the Paddock side.

  2. Where is evidence of Dolores Irene Hudson Paddock's precise birthday? I know her as Deloris from Nauvoo, Il.

    1. Check the blog again. I added copies of her baptism records.


  3. 1 7
    WOW....anyone else catch this at 6;45...Their mother was a partner in SEMCO....they specialize in telemetry receivers and transmitters and specifically contract with the Dept if Defense, the CIA and other government entities.
    The mother was NEVER a “secretary” she was heavily involved in the company and took a stock buyout....her boyfriend was the owner of SEMCO!!!

    This is the missing link folks....!

    Here is the interview where Bruce explains his mother’s involvement with SEMCO.


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